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Up Sudbury Fremont Sound of Silence

Supercharger unofficial opening trip to Sudbury on Saturday January 20th was a blast.

We started at the Concord ( Vaughan Mills ) Supercharger and drove to Sudbury Supercharger via Barrie North ( Bayfield ) Supercharger and Parry Sound Supercharger.

The return journey was planned from Sudbury Supercharger to Pickering Supercharger via Parry Sound Supercharger and Huntsville Supercharger.

When we reached the Huntsville Superchargers, all five cars plugging in nearly at the same time blew a breaker and the whole charger location was dead. What now? Tesla Roadside Assistance was of little help suggesting destination chargers at nearby Deerhurst Inn. That was an unknown because who knows if the tree installed ones were operational. We took stock of remaining charges in all of our five vehicles and decided to return slowly ( 60 kmh ) back to Parry Sound. We all made it and then abandoned the Pickering destination because it was getting close to midnight.











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