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I ordered a red Tesla Model S P85 on Aug. 13, 2014. Might as well enjoy life as long as I can. Got a VIN assigned within a month and a projected delivery date for end of Sept. 

When Tesla announced the dual motor, Autopilot, and "Next Gen" seats options I just had to have that. I re-ordered a red P85D with just about all the available options. Projected delivery now was reset to end of December. Well, that date passed and then it was to arrive end of January 2015. The car was longer in production than usual due the the year end holidays.

The designation of P85D means Performance 85 kw Dual Motor and the ____ means the "Ludicrous" option.

Update June 29, 2023
Reached 356,000 km. Rear motor needed to be replaced and A/C not operating due to red squirrel chewing evaporator solenoid wires. Traded it in for a new 2023 Model X Plaid.

Update January 20, 2023
Reached 345,678 km

Update October 27, 2022
Unable to Supercharge. Had to get primary on-board charger replaced.

Update October 20, 2022
Replaced driver door self closing mechanism due to broken cable.

Update April 23, 2022
Replaced steering wheel with Yoke wheel.

Update March 22, 2022
Replaced charge port.

Update October 22, 2021
Reached 300,000 km

Update August 06, 2021
Purchased MCU2 upgrade with radio module

Update August 02, 2021
Installed rear door "soft close" mechanisms.

Update July 27, 2021
Replaced 12V battery again. This time with a Lithium battery.

Update May 13, 2021
Back up camera started to fail again. replaced with spare on hand. Also repaired broken stud holder on rear gate plastic trim panel.

Update November 13, 2020
Surpassed 280.000 km

Update November 05, 2020
Windshield washer pump failure

Update June 28, 2020
Charge Port Door Sensor Fault.

Update February 21, 2020
Right front door handle acting up.

Update February 07, 2020
Reached 260,000 km

Update February 02, 2020
Replaced eMMC chip in main controller preventively before imminent failure.

Update December 06, 2019
Black screen for back up camera; Message "Camera Unavailable". Repaired with used replacement camera.

Update November 20, 2019
Tesla Service determined that Front camera needs replacement to alleviate error message "Autopilot unavailable" at low outside temperatures.

Update November 15, 2019
Installed Frunk motorized opening and closing mechanism.

Update November 01, 2019
Reached 250,000 km

Update October 14, 2019
Installed passenger door and driver door "soft close" mechanism. 2 rear doors to go.

Update February 27, 2019
Message "Driver Assistance Features unavailable". Tesla Service wants to remotely analyze problem.
Problem solved by snapping radar unit back into calibrated position.

Update February 13, 2019
Tesla Service determined car needs charge port and signal cable replaced.

Update February 08, 2019
Refuses to charge at Barrie, ON Supercharger. Red charge port ring and Instrument Panel Message: Car needs Service, Unable to DC Fast charge. Still able to HPWC charge. Made Service Appt.

Update December 07, 2018
Replaced 12V battery.

Update June 20, 2018
Replaced LH trunk lid tail light unit with used one from Ebay.

Update June 06, 2018
Repaired rear passenger door handle.

Update June 02, 2018
Car reached 200,000 km.

Update April 28, 2018
Car reached 190,000 km.

Update October 10, 2017
Car reached 153,000 km.

Update August 27, 2017
Installed door storage pockets in front doors.

Update December 02, 2016
Installed Tesla logo lights in all 4 doors.

Update November 04, 2016
Car reached 100,000 km.

Update July 07, 2016
Had "Ludicrous" upgrade done.

Update February 10, 2016
Car reached 60,000 km.

Update August 29, 2015
Had the whole front of the car covered with Xpel for stone chip protection.

Update June 09, 2015
Just noticed that someone backed into my hood and left 2 dings and hood is bent. Going to Excellence Auto tomorrow morning to see what  can be done. Unfortunately my dashcam only records the most recent 24 hours and this must have happened earlier than that.

Update May 30, 2015
Had a small stone chip in the Windshield repaired.

Update May 26, 2015
Passenger side was Quartz coated today. Had to be redone due to accident repair.

Update May 23, 2015
Got steering wheel aligned by Tesla Service.
Installed LED strips in the Frunk ( Front trunk ) lid.

Update Mar. 27, 2015
Got sideswiped on passenger side by another vehicle. See Repairs button on left side.

Update Mar. 25, 2015
Had the car detailed and Quartz coated. Sure looks shiny.

Update Mar. 12, 2015
Installed LED strips on each side of trunk to improve the lighting.

Update Mar. 09, 2015
Replaced rear license plate bulbs with LED units.

Update Feb. 25, 2015
Door handle is operational again after thawing. Looks like interior ice build up prevented contact.

Update Feb. 24, 2015
Tried pulling fuse but no cigar. Made service appointment with Tesla.

Update Feb. 23, 2015
Was brutally cold today again. Got message " Driver Assist features unavailable ". Most likely due to ice / snow in the radar cavity and on the sensors. Went to a DIY carwash but that was a big mistake. Water froze immediately but message disappeared and driver door would not open. Handles presented but could only open door from inside. Forum suggestions are to pull fuse 41 for a minute or two. Will try tomorrow.

Update Feb. 20, 2015
Brutally cold today. Outside temperature was -24C. Using heater at 19C and driving normally on a 77km trip I used 150km rated range. Car was pre-heated for 1 hour.

Update Feb. 16, 2015
Received letter stating rules of A/C tax. Now we'll see what Tesla says.

Update Jan. 30, 2015
Noticed that when driving in snow, lots of it accumulates over the whole back of the car. Result is, when backing up, camera is obscured and rear sensors give immediate obstruction warning.

Update Jan. 28, 2015
Lost the navigation cursor twice in same spot on Hwy. 48. Had to reboot the screen to get it back. Took it for a 90 km ride later and no problems.
I also tested the UMC charging cable in conjunction with my 50ft extension cable. All OK charging at 30 Amps.

This afternoon I installed the front and rear Blackvue DR650GW dash cams. Routing and hiding the wires was surprisingly easy.

Update Jan. 26, 2015
Delivery scheduled for 13:00 and It was there in all it's glory with Next Gen seats front and rear, heated Steering Wheel and latest 6.1 software installed.
Finally an extremely happy camper.

Update Jan. 23, 2015
During delivery preparation, Service found GPS not working. Needs a wire replaced ( antenna? ). Now looking at Monday Jan. 26 delivery.

Update Jan. 22, 2015
My red Model S arrived at the Toronto Tesla Service Center today and delivery will be tomorrow at 16:00


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