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My Route and Waypoints to the Tesla gathering "Sound of Silence" in Custer SD on May 15th to 16th. My friend Ernie joined the tour in Clarksburg, ON ( 2 )

We drove a total of about 5,700 km ( 3,500 miles ) return.

charging at Comber, ON Supercharger

on the way to Custer we found our new friends from southern Ohio, Jack and Karen.

  we visited the Badlands in South Dakota

The gathering in Custer was a great success despite the miserable rainy weather on Friday evening. It was very gracious that the local Dakotah Bank opened their lobby for the Tesla group to gather.

The Town of Custer and all Motels had lots of chargers installed.

on Saturday we drove the scenic Needles Highway on the way to Mt. Rushmore

We visited Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse


 on Sunday we took the steam train from Hill City to Keystone and back.



For those of you who weren't there last year, SteveZ put together a video commemorating last year's inaugural Black Hills Tesla Rally.

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