Accident 2019  


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Mar. 12, 2019

Driving on Hwy 48 northbound and entered Roundabout at Bloomington road. Mazda 3 entered from eastbound despite me having right of way and hit car in rear passenger door area.


This catapulted me onto the north divider slicing through a wooden road sign support.

Major damage to rear door, rear quarter panel, rear wheel, front hood, front sensors and front battery coolant radiator.

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On Instrument panel got several messages:

  • Park Assist Disabled

  • Traction Control Disabled

  • Automatic Emergency Braking is Disabled

  • Coolant Low

Car went to Excellence Auto for estimate and repairs.

Repair Estimate completed - CAD$ 26,500.-

Apr. 16, 2019

Apr. 30, 2019

May 14, 2019

Repairs were completed evening May 14th and early next morning we took off for the Tesla Rally in Custer South Dakota.


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